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Ray Lowry | London Calling

Paying tribute to Ray Lowry, 30 artists, including Tracey Emin, Nick Hornby, Billy Childish, Harry Hill, Paul Simonon and Humphrey Ocean, create
reinterpretations of The Clash’s iconic ‘London Calling’ album cover.  An exhibition at the idea generation from 18th June til 4th July 2010.  A nice one to check out if you are in the area.


Masion Martin Margiela has arrived!

From 3rd June til 5th September 2010 at the Somerset House in London, celebrating 20 years of one of fashion’s most influential contemporary designers, Masion Martin Margiela.  An exhibition not to be missed.

Kiss x StreetFest Competition

KISS Competition

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StreetFest and B-side



J.W Anderson futuristic meets 80’s punk.  Combining colourful hearts and flowers with bondage style collars, ripped jeans and “romantic” biker boots, for all those  sophisticated punks out there. Check it out at

BOKKS London

BOKKS London

BOKKS London is an innovative gifting service that opened in November 2009. It’s different from other services through its personalised boxes, innovative gifting ideas and outstanding delivery service.  Quoted from BOKKS London “Price ends, where the imagination does”.  Located in Mayfair, London, check it out or visit the store online.

Tate Modern 10th Anniversary

Celebrate 10 Years of Tate Modern

Tate Modern 14 May  –  16 May 2010

Celebrate 10 years of Tate Modern at a free arts festival for all from 14–16 May.

Explore No Soul For Sale – A Festival of Independents, with cutting-edge art events, performances, music, and film. See over 70 international artist collectives, from Shanghai to Rio, come together in Tate Modern’s epic Turbine Hall.

Enjoy Quicksilver, a performance piece involving a group of 30 performers in and around the spaces of Tate Modern.

Help them to celebrate their 10th anniversary by joining the  procession to Tate Modern on the 12 May.

What’s more…  The gallery will stay open until midnight on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 May.


Darkroom London

Darkroom is a new concept on Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1.  It’s an eclectic mix of high-end fashion, interior and lifestyle accessories alongside bi-monthly art and sculpture exhibitions.  The shop explores several concepts – at the forefront is the crossover between fashion and interiors and with juxtaposition of materials, scale and form. Oversize plaited quilted scarves resemble eider-down whilst jewellery made from chunky rope evoke sculptural furnishings.  Also, leather accessories take strong influences from saddlery, and oversize trims such as heavy fringing and chains are featured strongly.  The interior accessories explore the diverse materials, textures and production techniques of clothing or jewellery. Boundaries between art and design are questioned by functional pieces which hold sculptural qualities – a necklace may be worn traditionally or hung on the wall as an objet d’art.  Also with personal obsession with primitive art, textiles and jewellery and presenting them in new contexts. Although some of the pieces naturally lend themselves to either men or women, many items could be appreciated by both, thus creating a less segregated shopping environment.

My Generation: The Glory Years of British Rock

Victoria and Albert Museum

30 April – 30 August 2010

Top of the Pops was launched by the BBC on New Year’s Day in 1964, and went on to becoming the longest-running TV show in British history. On that night, the Rolling Stones were the opening band and photographer was Harry Goodwin. This display brings together 200 of Harry Goodwin’s most striking and memorable photographs from a shocked Bob Dylan (temporarily blinded by Harry’s flash in punishment for grumpiness) to a dramatic shot of Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar with his teeth. These images capture the mood and style of the 60s and 70s plus the impact of its musical stars. They celebrate those who are still actively part of the contemporary music scene and who are remembered with veneration and affection. As the show’s resident photographer from 1964 to 1973, Harry Goodwin’s unique collection of photographs remembers them all.  So if you love some British rock, check it out.  Free admission so what are you waiting for?

Decode: Digital Design at The V & A

Artists have explored code, digitally, interactively and definitely aesthetically. The artistic potential is somewhat ignored but was beautifully displayed and explored throughout the exhibition. The interactivity illustrates the relationship between the works and the viewer, and explores the world of art.  The majority of the installations are interactive and respond to touch, motion and sound.  In fact some of the works were mind-blowing and the network explores how we as individuals are all connected through a constant series of networks similar to the internet.  This new wave of interactive and digital technology in art form give us a different perspective of digital design.  So catch the exhibition before it’s gone.  Today is the last day so make your way, enjoy the sunny day in London and head to the V&A.

Karsten SchmidtWeave Mirror, Daniel Rozin; Video grid, Ross PhillipsMirror, Mirror, Jason Bruges StudioDandelion, YOKE and SennepExquisite Clock, Fabrica, Flight Patterns, Aaron Koblin