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MIHARAYASUHIRO Menswear S/S 2011 Finale


OTW Collection

Vans presents the OTW Collection in association with Dimitri Coste, The Blackouts & Eric Elms.

Vita Audio Portable Radio

Probably one of the coolest portable radios we seen so far.  Very stylish, love the design and the overall look.  A perfect addition for the summer times to jam out to the tunes.  BBQ anyone?

We Heart Dsquared2!

Canadian brothers Dean and Dan are the genius behind the amazing men’s and women’s wear label Dsquared. Their current men’s collection, SS10 has a camping theme with wellies, camouflage shorts and pinstripe shirts. There AW10 collection consists of leather, PVC shirts and lots n lots of denim! As usual their collection looks amazing, and is sure to be a best seller when it hits stores.

Masion Martin Margiela has arrived!

From 3rd June til 5th September 2010 at the Somerset House in London, celebrating 20 years of one of fashion’s most influential contemporary designers, Masion Martin Margiela.  An exhibition not to be missed.

Pharrell Williams ~ The Tank Chair

Blue, pink, black or white, have your pick for your personal ‘Tank Chair’ designed by Pharrell Williams.  Inspired by the war or maybe just tanks, either way, it’s the concept or vision from this music artist.  No military training needed to operate, just sit back, relax and admire the creativity.  Made from plexiglass and full grain colt leather the ‘Tank Chair’ is available in four colorways.  Can check out an exclusive interview about the design at PHARRELL WILLIAMS x BKRW video INTERVIEW from Jay SMITH on Vimeo.

A new money concept

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Mac Funamizu, a Tokyo designer toys with the concept of designing money with an infographic perspective.  The idea = understood and universal worldwide.  No more different sizes and currency from around the world.  Why not…we like it a lot.  Can we have some please?