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Modern Day Rock n Roll?..Theophilus London

Brooklyn born rapper, Theophilus London is sure enough the epitome of Rock n Roll! The rapper, who is notorious for grabbing a woman out of his audience and dancing with her on stage, delivers a rock n roll performance to an Electronic or Hip Hop beat. His music defies any particular genre as he uses a range of samples (one of which, Whitney Houston’s- I will always love you) and tends to localize his set list depending on the country he is performing in, on a recent trip to London he performed a song over one of London-based DJ’s Crazy Cousins tracks, Lets just say, he knows how to get a crowd going!


Hip Valentines Cards

Stank Sentiments for Sweethearts cards. $5

Definitely enjoying the simple design and concept of the Hip Hop Valentines Card, it’s all a bit of fun really! Just make sure if you go for a card like this, the gift is a little more serious!