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MIHARAYASUHIRO Menswear S/S 2011 Finale


JUUN. J Menswear S/S 2011 Finale

Tinie Tempah getting frisky at GFW

Photography by Snappylifestyle

He may not have even released an album yet, but Tinie Tempah is already one of the breakout stars of 2010.

B-side x StreetFest Video

Many thanks for all the creative minds in supporting and making the film for B-side!

B-side Streetstyle Styling Competition

Photography by Snappylifestyle

B-Side checking out Primary 1 @ CAMP 11/05/10

Primary 1 Playing

Primary 1

With a vintage and modern influence….


At an early age, it was apparent that Adrian Eric Morales was full of ambition.  From extreme sports to fashion, he always had an eye for style.  It was not until his late twenties and a corporate job that he realized how much love he had for fashion.  Never too late to purse a dream, he quit his job, sold most of his worldly possessions and together with his two suitcases, moved from the States to London to study the art.

One of his strongest supporters and driving force had always been his mother. Even though she lived an ocean away, she was his constant cheerleader, keeping him focused and driven. The two had always been very close, and the distance did nothing more than reinforced the connection. They spoke every day and she was his major source of inspiration and strength.

After losing a long and painful battle with cancer, the memories of his mother were passed down in an array of charms and trinkets from her jewelry box.  Wanting something special to keep close to his heart, together with a friend, Candee Lyons, the collaboration created one-off pieces that were fashionable and meaningful.

Today, the discovery has expanded into a menswear jewelry collection using a combination of recycled, vintage and new materials with contrasting metals.  The pieces are limited edition and have history; therefore, each piece is never the same making it unique to the individual.

The shop is open….


NOT JUST A LABEL | THE SHOP is now proud to introduce Lara Stone as the host of its curated online store during the month of September. Starting in the fashion industry at fifteen to now opening prestigious designer shows, Lara’s sartorial saturated life will ensure that her choices represent what she is most celebrated for; fierceness of personality and strong individualism.

Recently named by W Magazine as “the most wanted face of the moment”; Lara Stone has graced dozens of catwalks from Louis Vuitton to Prada to Marc Jacobs while her ad campaigns are endless, ranging from Calvin Klein to Max Mara.

Her beauty has exploded on a multitude of magazine covers, including Vogue, Elle, V Magazine and i-D. Most famed for her voluptuous figure, large lips and gapped front teeth, her distinct appearance marks a refreshing anomaly and striking originality in the stiflingly conformist model sphere.

The September Issue of NOT JUST A’s revolutionary shopping experience will be bigger than ever. NJAL’s THE SHOP will continue asserting its avant-garde mark on the fashion world, but with a bigger Autumn/Winter collection and an even better curator.

Lara will bring all this to her role, curating this month’s THE SHOP, at NOT JUST A LABEL. Her selection is available now and will once again allow emerging designers to offer their one-off catwalk and exceptionally designed pieces to shoppers in search of a sense of dress that defies the predictability of mainstream fashion.

Have a look at the new and upcoming designers that offer something different and unique.  Just showing some luv…